AAFCO Admits To Euthanized Pets In Pet Food (From “Critter Minute”)

27 09 2010

AAFCO president admits dead/rendered animal remains from euthanized pets are used in making pet food. AAFCO is short for The Association of American Feed Control. They are the regulatory group responsible for regulating pet food. AAFCO could easily ban the use of rendered pets as something allowed into our dog’s food, but they don’t.

Why, you may be asking yourself? Many of the same individuals actively sitting on the AAFCO board are also major players in several pet food companies. And those pet food companies value the cheap protein they salvage from the millions of dogs and cats, which are euthanized every year. So what is allowed into your dog’s food as “meat and bone meal?” I’ve already mentioned euthanized dogs and cats, including the flea/tick collars they may have been wearing, road kill, expired grocery store meat, including the packaging, dead stock…etc.

This is why it is IMPORTANT to buy good quality dog food. I do not want to risk putting the same poisons used to kill dogs and cats into my pets via the pet food I feed them.

To avoid this very serious problem, feed your dogs Pure Woof Gold and your cats Pure Purr Gold!



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