Thinking Outside the Box – Getting the Most From EMail

28 09 2010

No doubt, social media has changed the way business is conducted today and with the growing popularity of smart phones, there is a greater ability to reach potential volunteers and donors.

But with this increased mobility and email on-the-go comes the need for more relevant, attention-grabbing content. This means following best practices: be sure senders are listed, subject lines are filled, spell check has been used, proper grammar and punctuation is in check.

It’s important to remember that if you are trying to grow your following, offering an email full of valuable content and then delivering it on a regular basis will have people looking expectantly for your contacts and more likely to respond to what you’re asking for.

So how can you strengthen the connection with your readers? Read on…

Including links from sample emails from your sign up pages will help your readers to recognize your messages when they start appearing in their inbox.

If you will have readers sign up from your website, send an immediate welcome message. Be sure to make your welcome email at least resemble what your future emails ewill look like. People like consistency and when they begin to see your letters coming, they will recognize them, meaning they are less likely to end up in the trash folder.

Be sure your email reflects the brand, message and overall image of your website. Again, consistency is key here. Once you have decided on the look and feel of your website and carry it over to your email campaigns, don’t be quick to change it.

Finally – don’t let the email trail get cold. You don’t want your readers to forget about you. The longer it is between your sends, the more opportunity your competitors have to cut in front of you and cut you out. A good rule of thumb is a minimum of once a month.



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