Who’s The Smart One – The Feline or the Canine?

8 10 2010

It’s an age-old battle. One that can cause as much ruckus as the question “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Cat lovers will argue that they’re right. Dog lovers will argue that they’re right. Let’s look at some facts and see if we can determine once and for all who’s smarter – Dogs or Cats?

Folks will argue that because a dog can do tricks it makes them intellectually superior to their feline counterparts. Others will say that cats CHOOSE not to learn tricks simply because they don’t want to which makes them the smarter speices. Studies have been done to argue both sides so let’s take a look at each and you can decide for yourself.

In a study done by Tuft’s University School of Veterinary Medicine, researchers discovered that the structure of the cat brain and the human brain are very similar which means cats experience the five senses and process the information much in the same way we do. So for those of you who believe cats think and plot  – this article backs you up!

Dogs are social creatures – this is not new information. Some consider their “social intelligence” to be superior over the cat.  It benefits dogs to be social, because when they survive as a pack it takes several of them to pull together dinner. Dog lovers will also argue that their social nature makes them “smarter” because it’s much like our own ability to socialize.

Dr. Jeffery Masson, Ph.D. author and professor, says  “If you’re basing intelligence on the ability to learn commands, the dog clearly wins.” And, “If you’re basing intelligence on the ability to be an independent thinker, doing as one chooses, whether or not it meets the approval of others, the cat clearly wins.”

In closing, there really is no clear information on which is smarter. Just because a dog licks your face to greet you when he comes home, doesn’t necessarily mean he’s smarter than the cat who sits and stares at the window planning her next action. Each species has their own personality – some cats are just as cuddly and loving as dogs, just like there are some dogs who can be as aloof as some cats.  When it comes down to it dogs are good at being dogs and cats are good at being cats. Don’t you agree?

What are your thoughts? Share your comments with us  – we’d love to hear them!



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