Want Less Stress? Become a Pet Owner

20 10 2010

There is growing support to show that owning a pet not only reduces stress but also makes the pet owner feel more secure and unconditionally loved. There is proof that owning a pet can help a child with learning and senior citizens get through their daily activities. Studies show that having a pet present during a medical procedure, relieves the stress on the child and children who have been exposed to school-based humane education programs tend to be more empathetic to one another. Worldwide studies show that pet owners in general live longer. This has become so widely accepted even in the medical community that doctors are recommending that their patients adopt pets.

Pets being used for therapy is becoming a growing trend, particularly for those who can’t own pets themselves. Patients who participate in regular pet therapy are shown to share in the same positive health benefits as those who own pets themselves.

So what are these positive health benefits? Pets are known stress relievers. Some who suffer from severe stress will think of yoga or meditation but having a furry friend to focus your attention on can help reduce your stress levels. If you’re truly an animal lover, it’s completely impossible to stay in a bad mood when around your four-legged friends.

Exercise is good stress management and dog owners are likely to take longer walks or runs if they have a companion. Furthermore, they can chase away the “lonelys”, can be great snuggle buddies and make great listeners (unlike some people.)

Whatever research or statistics show, there is no argument that owning a pet can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life. However, if you are not an “animal person” or too busy to give your pet the proper care it needs, don’t do it. Pets are a lot additional responsibility and if this isn’t considered, it will only add to your stress, instead of relieving it.



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