POLL: Can Dogs From Puppy Mills Be Successfully Rehabilitated?

22 11 2010



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22 11 2010

Yes. It’s not always easy, nor is it always successful. It can be done, though. Sadly, some are damaged beyond any help a rescuer can offer.

22 11 2010

I have two fosters here, they both have been out of the mill for 3 years. The male has been successfully rehabbed, but the female is still having problems. At least I can pick her up now without her running away and hiding. All mill pups are different. I have found that the longer they’re caged in the mill, the harder it is to potty train them. Not too many problems with socializing them, but there are exceptions.

22 11 2010

Thank you for sharing. It’s interesting, but sad, how the male has been rehabbed but the female is still having problems. It’s hard to appreciate the hell these animals go through in those conditions and what they must overcome to have a normal and happy life. Bless you for rescuing the ones you could!

24 11 2010
Gayle Cooper

I primarily do horse rescue at the sanctuary, but in the middle of puppy mill country, I also help a couple of discarded breeders each year. Evaluation is key. Some rehab very nicely and fit into family life….others have permanent impairments. I find with some of the males, aggression is sometimes, but not always, evident – they fight and carry on in cages next to one another, just developing this behavior. I have 4 discarded breeders myself. Two are psychologically intact, one is very shy, the other aggressive. These two would not have adapted well into a family. I find the biggest expense, besides neutering, is dental work – these dogs usually never have their teeth taken care of – one of the yorkies needed almost all of his teeth extracted.
Evaluation is key, you have to know what you are doing, and realize not all of these dogs will adapt, most will….but not all. These special individuals can find homes with experienced dog people who can modify environment and train

24 11 2010

Gayle, thank you for taking the time to give another view into the world of puppy mill dogs. You are right on – evaluation IS key. Sometimes folks here “puppy mill dog” and write the dog off. The puppy mill stigma is almost as bad as the stigma surrounding the so-called “dangerous breeds” – but that’s a story for another day. Thank you again for taking the time to comment and subscribing to our blog – I look forward to hearing your thoughts again.

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