POLL: In Your Opinion, Is It a Good Idea To Give Puppies or Kittens as Christmas Gifts?

22 11 2010



4 responses

22 11 2010
Linda Szymoniak

I don’t see a problem with getting the pet – AFTER the holidays – but only if the family would have been adopting it anyway. Part of the problem with giving a puppy or kitten to a child for Christmas is that the excitement of the holiday can overwhelm the animal – and the child likely will need time to play with new toys before calming enough to want to spend time with the new pet. However, I don’t agree to getting a pet for the holidays if the family hasn’t already talked about and agreed about adding the new family member. My family got a puppy for Christmas when I was a child, but my father had us wait until a few days after the holiday itself, and I feel that turned out well.

Each family and situation is different, though, so the parents need to weigh the pros an cons before deciding.

22 11 2010

Linda – very good points here. Bottom line, it shouldn’t be an “impulse” purchase/decision. Thank you for commenting!

23 11 2010

I agree with waiting till after the holidays for a new pet. Its usally pretty crazy till after the first of the year. The new family member will need time to get used to their surroundings and bond with the family. Thats kinda difficult when it is that busy. And I most definatly agree this should be a planned thought out descion.

23 11 2010

Richard thank you for your comments – too many make a rush decision when it comes to pets. Thank you again for your comments – hope to hear from you again!

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