– Facebook Email Is Coming…

24 11 2010

Once again, Facebook is poised to set the social media world on fire. What could they possibly do that they haven’t done already, you ask? Email. Well, sort of.

Facebook recently announced the creation of their “Social Inbox” – a modern messaging system that just may replace email as we know it. What’s the difference between this messaging system and regular email? The new Facebook messaging plan will not only incorporate Facebook messages, but also chats, texts and IMs – all delivered to you at

Simply put, Facebook will set up three areas for you to receive email messages: one for your direct friends or connections, one for your indirect connections like friends of friends or businesses you may have contact with outside of Facebook and one for spam. Of course, you will be have full control of your settings so you will be able to decide which of your contacts goes into which area.

Some closely involved with the release of Facebook email believe this may allow Facebook to break through corporate firewalls that once blocked the application. More companies, particularly those that are sales oriented, may see this new feature as a way for their sales force to communicate with clients via messaging and even from their smartphones on the go.

Facebook email is completely optional. You don’t have to use it, in fact, at this time you can get Facebook email by invitation only. Should you decide that you want to take advantage of the new email program, your email address will be your name So, if my email address will be Don’t email me there – it’s obviously not live yet.

The Facebook powers that be swear that this new email program won’t be the end all of the likes of gmail or yahoo mail. What are your thoughts?



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