It’s F-R-E-E But Don’t Tell Bella!

25 11 2010

Thanksgiving is here and so comes sharing time with family and friends and our pets.  This particular blog post finds us in Lancaster, South Carolina at the home of my brother-in-law and sister-in-law – two of my favorite people in the world. Dean and Diane have a cat named Bella who is less than thrilled that her home has been invaded by all of us. She glares at us from her favorite seat in the dining room and I’m sure she’s thinking “when are these people going to leave?!”

Like all pet owners Dean and Diane spoil little Bella, and rightly so. As you can see, she’s a little beauty. And smart! Whoever says cats aren’t smart has never met Bella. She knows when the treat can shakes it’s time to come out from hiding. She also knows when “daddy’s home” and when it’s time to go “out.” My favorite, though, is her food preferences. Of course, she knows “tuna” and comes running. Diane bought has a special turkey dinner for her and said to me “It’s F-R-E-E, but don’t tell Bella!” I, of course, giggled at the thought of Diane spelling the word instead of saying it and Bella knowing what she meant by the word “free.”

Bella doesn’t really know the word “free” but it just goes to show the lengths we go through to give our pets the very best, especially at the holidays. Our pets are members of the family, it’s only right they get special treatment on the holidays just like everyone else.

Be thankful today and every day! Be thankful for your families, friends, the time you have with them and of course, your pets. Remember that the holidays aren’t only a stressful time for you, but for your four-legged family members, as well. Spend extra time with them and be sure to give them plenty of downtime to decompress – and yourself, too.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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