Dog Auctions: Just An Extension of Puppy Mills?

28 11 2010

As puppy mills continue to operate, dog auctions continue to spring up across the country. Much like horse and cattle auctions, dogs are paraded in front of potential buyers in hopes of collecting the highest amount of money possible. Where does the money go? Back to the breeders who are running the puppy mills and the vicious cycle continues.

So what’s the big deal? The puppies are being saved from the puppy mills and going to loving homes, right? Wrong! The big deal is these dogs are not being saved and the people involved with these auctions are not acting in the best interest of the animals.

The majority of the dogs being auctioned off are puppy mill cast offs – dogs who are either unable to reproduce or who have reached their breeding age limit and are no longer of any use to the puppy mill owner. Or, the breeder may have a surplus of a particular breed and “need” to sell them off to make room for more puppies.

Puppy mill dogs are a special breed – they have had little to no human contact, no socialization and are plagued with a host of medical problems. They have never lived in a house, never walked on a leash and are scared of simple, everyday things we take for granted. If these problems aren’t visible to those who attend the dog auctions, it’s likely they won’t be voluntarily shared by those hoping to get top dollar for the dogs. Buyersare not necessarily made aware of the problems a puppy mill dog has and may be getting more than what they bargained for.

While dog auctions are illegal in some states, Ohio and Wisconsin seem to be a hot bed of activity for these barbaric practices of peddling puppies. So much so that they have caught the attention of animal lovers and activists who are attempting to have the auctions shut down and banned – something the Animal Rescue Superhighway supports fully.

Why get involved? If you’re an animal lover, it makes perfect sense to ban dog auctions. The animals being sold by people who have had not one, but several, violations of the Animal Welfare Act, have been convicted of animal cruelty or both. The animals are being sold with visible physical impairments and the not-so-visible temperament issues.

Dog auctions are carried out for one reason only: financial gain for the breeders. They do NOT have the animals’ best interest at heart, but rather their bank accounts. The dogs are brought into this world under horrid circumstances, suffer unspeakable treatment and living conditions only to be auctioned off to the highest bidder – and not necessarily one who is going to take care of them, or is even equipped to properly do so.

If you would like to stand beside Animal Rescue Superhighway and the Coalition to Ban Ohio Dog Auctions, please contact us today. We not only need your voice, but also your signature to have the petition put on the ballot in 2011. Please help us be the voice for the voiceless…after all, if we don’t speak for them, who will?



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