Winter Weather Hitting Shelters Hard

1 02 2011

With the east coast seeing the worst winter in years and still more storms bringing debilitating snow, ice and cold on the way, finding places to put the piles of snow isn’t the only problem. Animals shelters are suffering which means more animals being put down daily.

Since the storms began to hit the east coast in December, adoptions are on the decrease – meaning animals are staying in the shelters longer and shelters are limited in what they can do for new animals who need their services.

While we encourage careful consideration before choosing a new companion pet to bring into your family, if you have been considering adopting a dog or cat, now is as good of a time as any. With the shelters already bursting at the seams, the longer the animals are left, the higher the risk of them being euthanized simply because there’s no room at the inn. For each animal that is successfully adopted, another animal can add an extra day to their life in the shelter- giving them time to be placed in a loving and forever home.

Unsure about what animal is best for you? See our previous posts on adopting the right animal for you. Still confused? Contact us and we can help you find the right animal for your family from a reputable organization.




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1 02 2011
Linda Szymoniak

The weather also has a negative affect on rescue transports. I drive multiple legs for multiple transports every weekend and even some during the week (I’m leaving now to pick up three dogs from a kill shelter here in NW Indiana and get them to the rescues taking them – TWELVE dogs were dumped there yesterday and all have to be out by today as owner surrenders – we are currently pushing to get them out early, before the predicted blizzard hits us).

I’m seeing transports simply not filling because some drivers won’t drive in bad weather. I’m seeing other transports being postponed and canceled due to severely inclimate weather. Others have had to find emergency boarding for the animals along the route when weather closed roads. For some of these animals, transport is the ONLY thing standing between them and being PTS.

1 02 2011

You are so right! We’ve had our transports come to a screeching halt simply because our volunteers aren’t equipped for or aren’t comfortable with driving in the winter weather. Now there’s another storm affecting 33 states – dropping two feet of snow, some are getting ice and then let’s add the extreme cold. It’s a bad winter for the animals. Foster families and shelters are crammed and have no more room. People are abandoning animals at alarming rates and until the weather cooperates we’ve all got a real problem on our hands. Yet more proof positive that spaying and neutering is so very important!

1 02 2011
Current Instincts

Thanks for posting this, I didn’t even think of the weather having an effect on shelters. So sad. Now I feel bad for complaining about the snow all day. Hopefully adoptions will pick up again soon!

1 02 2011

There’s no need to feel badly – we all complain about the weather, it’s human nature. I wrote this post in an effort to get people thinking. Maybe with some creative thought processes we can come up with a safe solution for the animals that are stuck in the shelters because of the weather. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment! 🙂

1 02 2011
Current Instincts

Maybe we can get animal shelters to give out hot chocolate!

1 02 2011

That’s an option – perhaps “friends” of the shelter could provide the materials?

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