Animal Rescue Owner Charged With Neglect, Cruelty

12 02 2011

We were alerted to this story from This woman is charged with 100 counts and yet only a misdemeanor??  When will it end??

The owner of a Tinley Park animal rescue has been charged with neglect and cruel treatment after more than 100 animals, many malnourished, were found at the rescue site, according to Cook County Sheriff’s Police.

Dawn Hamill, 41, was charged late Friday with misdemeanor neglect of owner’s duties and cruel treatment. The charges come after sheriff’s officers served a warrant at Hamill’s Dazzle Painted Pasture Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, in the 5500 block of West 175th Street in Tinley Park, according to a release from the sheriff’s office.

The investigation arose from tips to Cook County Animal Control about conditions at the pet rescue.

At the animal rescue, investigators found a dead 3½-year-old miniature horse in a stall in a barn and a dead Himalayan cat. Officials euthanized two dogs, one because of age and the other because of health, and one cat later died.

Police, Cook County Animal Control and Animal Welfare League officials took 63 dogs, 31 cats, 6 rabbits, and 30 pieces of livestock, including horses, sheep, goats and llamas, from the rescue. They had been housed in unhealthy conditions in barns, trailers and sheds, many of which were unheated and without water, according to the release.

The animals had various health problems, ranging from respiratory diseases in all the cats and ear and eye infections in many of them; eight puppies had been exposed to Parvo virus and housed in an unheated garage without food or water. Many of the dogs had skin problems and one had difficulty walking, according to the release.

Dazzle Painted Pasture was founded in 2006 by Hamill, and investigators found Hamill had been increasingly unable to care for the animals she took in and “After her arrest … thanked investigators for intervening in a situation that had grown out of control,” according to the release.

Hamill told TribLocal this week that she had been in touch with county animal control and the Illinois Department of Agriculture regarding conditions at the Dazzle Painted Pastures and denied that the facility was shutting down. She said she had about twice as many dogs as her facilities could handle.

The domestic animals taken from Hamill’s facility are being housed at the Animal Welfare League, 10305 Southwest Highway, Chicago Ridge.



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