About ARS

Animal Rescue Superhighway is more than an animal transport company. We also provide Humane Education and valuable resources and information to members of the animal rescue community in an effort to bridge the gap between rescue groups, the general public and legislators. We welcome you to our blog and hope that you will become a subscriber and regular follower.


6 responses

21 11 2010
Susan McCauley

Subscribed. THANK YOU for all of your work!!!

21 11 2010

Thank you, Susan!

22 11 2010
Helene Scharf

All signed up and ready to go, thanks for the invite!!

22 11 2010

Thank you, Helene! I hope you will find our information useful and worth sharing 🙂

29 11 2010
Casey O'Ryan

Press Release
Now a person can experience the many aspects and workings of a puppy mill almost as if they were standing amidst the cages, listening to the barks. There’s a terrific new and involved piece of fiction on the market entitled “A Cold Breed.” It focuses on the vivid discovery, investigation, and shutdown of a realistic puppy mill. The storyline is fresh; the characters are rich; the gamut of emotions become real. A portion of every purchase is donated to the ASPCA. Swing by the author’s site for good information at caseyoryan.com or stop into the author’s blog at caseyoryan.blogspot.com. Thank You for your consideration.

30 11 2010

Casey, thank you for sharing this wonderful resource!

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